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Format Familial hosts Sebastien Diaz and Bianca Gervais became parents for the first time a few years ago and like any adults in their situation, they experience a mix of eagerness and anxiety: What does parenthood really mean in 2018?

In Format Familial, parents, consultants and experts share their own experiences and observations on the ever-changing relationship between parents and children.

How to manage crazy agendas, how does one educate and stimulate a child without getting lost in the process, how to balance parenthood and professional life and also the “dark side” of being a parent like dealing with a lazy teenager, how to react to never-ending fights between brothers and sisters, how to control overconsumption, the first heartbreaks, etc.

No doubt, Format Familial caters to a young adult audience trying to manage parenthood in a multitasking world hoping to find ways to let off some steam and laugh at themselves through other parents’ experiences.

Format: 30 minutes
Airtime: Wednesday, 7:30 pm
Rebroadcasts: Thursday, 3:00 pm; Thursday, 12:30 am; Saturday, 3:30 pm

Audience Estimates

Age Audience
T2 + 135 000
A18-49 35 000
A25-54 36 000
W25-54 24 000