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After the Mtl series, which focused on the Greater Montreal area, Kebec sketches a living portrait of Quebec by exploring its socio-cultural background and the traces left by some of its most outstanding artists. In total, about twenty themes are searched, such as the family, the St-Lawrence river, the art of cooking, the forest, the health, etc.

Each time, a major cultural work of our history (a film, a song, a book, etc.) serves as a gateway of the theme, on the pretext that it’s a reflection of society at a very particular moment.

Format: 30 minutes
Airtime: Friday, 10:30 pm
Rebroadcasts: Saturday, 3:30 pm; Sunday, 1:00 am; Monday, 1:30 pm; Monday, 12:30 am

Audience Estimates

Age Audience
T2 + 88 000
A18-49 24 000
A25-54 27 000
W25-54 10 000