Les Mutants

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Marking the return of Rémy Girard to Télé-Québec, Les Mutants tells the story of an unusual friendship between young humans – Léo, Zoé and Marcus – and a family of mutants (humans with animal growths and deformities). Together, our three heroes seek to unravel the mystery of the transformation of this family and hope to find a way to restore them to their normal appearance.

The three young heroes will take on the ambitious challenge of saving the family of the Mutants and especially Nicky, the mutant girl their age. This mission will strain their abilities and confront them with their greatest fears.

Format: 30 minutes
Airtime: Monday to Friday, 6:30 pm
Rebroadcasts: Monday to Friday, 3:30 pm; Saturday, 11:00 am (2 episodes); Sunday 10:30 am (3 episodes)