L’heure est grave

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L’heure est grave (The hour is grave, but the half-hour is really funny!) is a biweekly event variety show that freely uses the news as inspiration to analyze society’s trends and schools of thought. Presented by the flamboyant hosting duo of Virginie Fortin and Guillaume Girard, L’heure est grave also features the valuable contributions of regular collaborators. A team of fabulous fantasists who are experts in different artistic and cultural fields (music, theater, visual arts, history, philosophy, etc.) venture each week into humour and good spirits using a very creative television format. L’heure est grave will be recorded in front of a live audience, in a location where spectators can participate and react while moving freely around the stage.

Format: 30 minutes
Airtime: Monday – Tuesday, 10:00 pm
Reebroadcasts: Saturday – Sunday, 1:00 am

Audience Estimates

Age Audience
T2 + 135 000
A18-49 36 000
A25-54 41 000
W25-54 21 000