Zone Franche

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Starting this spring, Isabelle Maréchal and Raed Hammoud will be at the helm of Zone franche, a brand new original production by URBANIA. Every week, Zone franche will bring together the most relevant and enlightening minds. People from all walks of life – whether they are public figures, experts in their field, citizens who have experienced a particular situation related to the theme, etc. – leave their preconceived ideas in the cloakroom to express themselves and shed a different light on a strong social issue that preoccupies Quebeckers. They will engage in necessary conversation about polarizing topics that appeal to everyone.

As in battles, ideas and opinions will be discussed in the center of an audience, with emotional testimonies, enriching discussions and even duels. Moreover, this arrangement in circle will not be the only wink to the battles since none other than KenLo Craqnuques & Caro Dupont will sign the hip-hop musical atmosphere of this weekly event rendez-vous.

Format: 60 minutes
Airtime: Friday, 2:00 pm
Rebroadcasts: Friday, 1:00 am

Audience Estimates

Age Audience
T2 + 40 000
A18-49 9 000
A25-54 11 000
W25-54 6 000